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General Questions


What platform is used to deliver the lectures?

We are flexible and tech savvy, we prefer coaching using Zoom, however if the individual is not keen on using the platform, we are available on Microsoft Teams and Skype too.

What are the prerequisites to attending online?

You need to have access to either a smart phone, tab or a computer (preferred) and should be able to connect to the internet of fairly good quality to be able to participate and engage in the training.

How fast should my internet be?

Zoom is very light on data consumption, so one hour of a class on zoom consumes approximately 1 Gb of data, teams and skype consume slightly higher amount of data, so it all depends on the tool that you prefer.

What are the charges associated with zoom?

Zoom for the students is free to use, we use a premium zoom subscription to create the meetings which can then be joined by the students using the free zoom client, same applies for Teams and Skype, the additional software cost from the student is zero.

Any other requirements?

Well yes, a willingness to study and engage online, a relatively silent environment where there is good network coverage and a notebook and a pen to take notes (if needed).

What is the Student Portal

Every lecture with your group (or 1-1) is recorded and later on shared with the participants using a state of the art student portal, this comes at no additional cost and enables the student to access and replay every class that he wishes to revise. The videos are all tagged to make locating a specific video easy. 

Is the access to student portal free?

The access to the student portal is complimentary for students choosing to enrolling for the courses with us, we also add MCQ’s and other questions that enable you to outperfom the competetive exams in the portal. The access to the portal is complementary for the year of enrollment.

(91) 997-009-3724